Trip Overview

Upper Dolpo Trekking is one of the most adventurous, remote, and rewarding Treks in the Dolpo region of Nepal. Despite being one of the least developed areas of Nepal, the Upper Dolpo region is fairly rich in natural beauty and landscapes backed up by centuries-old traditions similar to that of Tibetans. Unlike Lower Dolpo Trek, Upper Dolpo Trek takes you to the inner valleys of the Dolpo region which includes deep valleys, high passes and peaks, Shey Phoksundo lake with turquoise water, 800-year-old Shey Gompa, and abundant rare wildlife roaming around the largest National Park of Nepal, the Shey Phoksundo National Park. 


Upper Dolpo Trek requires a special permit and a properly organized trip. With almost zero tourism infrastructures, Upper Dolpo Trek requires trekkers to carry their food and camping equipment. Therefore, for your convenience, 8K Expeditions can organize a customized trek to the Upper Dolpo region to make your travel an adventurous and memorable one. 


The trekking trail to Upper Dolpo passes through a series of picturesque villages leading to narrow gorges down the valleys later ascending through dense forests of Rhododendron, Pine and Junipers slowly dominated by wild roses and thorny bushes. As we elevate, the landscapes change dramatically to semi-deserted highlands, a continuation of the Tibetan plateaus. 


The overall trek is strenuous because of rugged terrain, steep ascents, and high passes at times. Trekkers may need to walk for long hours to find a suitable campsite. 


Preparation for Upper Dolpo Trek


Upper Dolpo Trek is suitable for experienced trekkers who have trekked in the higher altitude and remote areas of Nepal. It requires a strong level of physical fitness and endurance. One must train their body for physical strength before embarking on the trek. 


Best season for Upper Dolpo Trek


The best seasons to go on a trek to the Upper Dolpo region are Spring and Autumn. During these seasons, the skies are clear with favorable weather and fully blooming nature. As we must camp on most of the stops, it is recommended to choose the spring and Autumn seasons when there are least chances of rain and snowfall.

Trip Itinerary

  • 1-2
    Arrival In Kathmandu, Rest At The Hotel, And Official Preparations

    The team at Eight K Expeditions will be tracking your flight to receive you at the airport. As soon as you land and complete the immigration procedures, one of our representatives will escort you to the hotel room booked for you. You may take your time to rest and relax to get rid of the jetlag. Meanwhile, we will prepare the documents and pack the stuff for our trek.

    Altitude 1400 m
    Meals Breakfast
    Accommodation 3-5 Star Hotel
  • 3
    Fly To Nepalgunj And Rest At The Hotel

    After a wonderful breakfast at the hotel, we will meet up for a briefing and then depart to the airport to catch a flight to Nepalgunj. Nepalgunj is a beautiful city at the border of Nepal and India and is the gateway to beautiful treks like Rara, Dolpa, and Expedition to Putha Hiunchuli as well. We will stay overnight in a hotel.

    Altitude 150 m
    Meals Breakfast
    Accommodation 3-5 Star Hotel
  • 4
     Fly To Juphal And Trek To Dunai (2140 M) 

    After breakfast at the hotel in Nepalgunj, we take a short scenic flight to the airport in the Dolpo region. Then, following the terraced farmlands, we commence our trek alongside the Bheri river. Walking through the narrow gorge for a few hours we will reach Dunai, the stop for the night.

    Altitude 2140 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Hotel/Lodge
  • 5
    Trek From Dunai To Aankhe (2896 M)

    As soon as we exit Dunai, we will cross a suspension bridge and follow the trail towards the west, ascending to the Thulo Bheri valley followed by the Phoksundo river valley. Walking past a few villages and dense forests, we reach Ankhe and set up our campsite. 

    Altitude 2896 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 6
    Trek From Ankhe To Sulighat (3180 M)

    The trail from Ankhe to Sulighat goes through several ascents and descents with numerous streams along the way. Then, after walking past dense forests, it continues on a grassy highland above the river. Finally, after 6 hours of trek, we will reach Sulighat and rest in a tented camp.

    Altitude 3180 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 7-8
    Trek From Sulighat To Shey Phoksundo Lake ( 3612 M) And Explore

    Our trek on this day continues towards the confluence of the Phoksundo and Pungmo rivers. After crossing the bridge, our trail goes along the western bank of the Pungmo river taking us to the Palam village through the cedar forest. Then, ascending on a ridge to view the marvelous landscapes around, we then descend towards the upper parts of the Phoksundo river into the Ringmo village. 


    We spend our next day here and hike up to the pure and serene Phoksundo lake with magical turquoise water. The rest of the day will be spent exploring the culture, traditions, and lifestyle of people in the Ringmo village. 

    Altitude 3612 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 9
     Trek To Phoksundo River (3507 M)

    We walk along the Phoksundo lake towards the western end leading to the rocky ledge. The path is rugged and off-the-beaten. We then walk on a lush meadow towards the valley, crossing the river to set up a camp on the bank of the Phoksundo river.

    Altitude 3507 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 10
    Trek From Phoksundo River To Phoksundo Bhanjyang (3910 M)

    Our trek on this day takes us through the glacial valley heading North. The path that follows is barely organized so we walk over rocks and boulders towards a stream that rushes down the valley. Our Sherpas have been trained for map reading and have experience traveling in remote areas. So you do not need to worry about it. After a long climb, we reach a pastureland

    Altitude 3910 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 11
     Trek From Phoksundo Bhanjyang To Shey Gompa Via Kang La Pass (5160 M)

    Our journey on this day starts with a steep climb towards the Kang La pass at 5160 m. The climb is demanding and strenuous. The top of the pass offers majestic views of a large valley separated by a huge river. After a steep descent, we will then walk along the river banks Crossing it several times. We pass through numerous pasturelands until we reach a red Chhorten at Shey Gompa. 

    Altitude 5160 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 12
    Explore The Shey Gompa (4200 M)

    We will have a well-deserved rest day at the Shey Gompa also called the crystal monastery. Belonging to the Chaiba community, Shey Gompa is famous for its ancient pre- Buddhist culture, Bon Po. Towards the east of Shey Gompa lies the strangely formed Crystal mountain, whose cliffs are formed of quartz and embedded with a rich variety of marine fossils. Staying at Shey Gompa for a day gives us an immense opportunity to explore the local culture, traditions and observe the surrounding landscape.

    Altitude 4200 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 13
    Trek From  Shey Gompa To Namgung Village (4430 M) Via Saldang La (5010 M)

    We begin our trek from Shey Gompa on a pleasant trail through forests of juniper and pine that descend to a Stony canyon. Then following a series of turns on an uphill climb, we reach Saldang La, one of the high passes at 5010 m. Then a long descent takes us into the pasture land filled with Yaks, sheep, and tents made from yak hair. Finally, we reach Namgung village. Namgung village houses an old monastery of the KarmaPa sect.

    Altitude 5010 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 14
    Trek From Namgung Village To Saldang (3620 M)

    Exiting the Namgung village, we climb up a scree slope leading to a long traverse along the rocky barren path. After 4-5 hours of strenuous walk, we reach the Saldang village that is located in the trans-Himalayan Tibetan plateau with better agricultural prosperity that the other villages in Dolpo. It is also the largest village in Inner Dolpo with a significant population.

    Altitude 3620 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 15
    Trek From Saldang To Yangze Gompa (4960 M)

    We head on the least trodden path towards the north of Saldang village. The trail takes us along the Nang Chu river on wild barren terrain. The initial stages of the trail go along ups and downs and past the Tiling and Lurigaon villages till we reach our campsite, Yangze Gompa. Yangze Gompa is an old Bon Po monastery preserving centuries-old traditions of Buddhism.

    Altitude 4960 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 16
    Trek From Yangze Gompa To Sibu ( 4560 M)

    From Yangze Gompa, we retrace our path back to Saldang village as this one is a shorter route to reach Sibu. From Saldang, we follow the river bed and pass through terraced farmlands, stupas, Mani walls, and the Namdo village. Further, we descend for two more hours until we reach our campsite at Sibu.

    Altitude 4560 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 17
    Trek From Sibu To Jeng La Phedi ( 4900 M)

    Following the Nam Khong river, we reach the confluence of two small tributaries. From there we climb steep uphill to reach Jeng La Phedi to rest overnight in a tented camp. 

    Altitude 4900 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 18
    Trek From Jeng La Phedi To Do Tarap Via Jeng La Pass (5090 M)

    From Jeng La Phedi, we trek 2 hours on a steep uphill to reach the top of Jeng La pass at 5090 m. The north face of Dhaulagiri shines golden due to the morning sun. Then, we descend on a rugged path towards the Tarap valley. Later, we will be walking on a green meadow towards Tarap Chu. Tarap Chu is a beautiful valley with ten villages, farmlands, gompas, and monasteries of both sects of Buddhism. The route further continues eastward down the hill towards Do Tarap. The overall route is pleasant and beautiful. Rest in a tented camp.

    Altitude 5090 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 19
     Explore Do Tarap (4040 M)

    Do Tarap is a beautiful village in the Dolpo region with closely packed houses. Barley is the main production of the village. It houses the Ribo Bhuma Gompa built in 1955 which is a unique Chhorten containing the remains of a demon killed by Guru Rinpoche. For the half-day exploration, we will head east up the valley to Dero Gompa and Shipchok Gompa. Rest overnight in a tented camp. 

    Altitude 4040 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 20
    Trek From Do Tarap To Tarap Khola (3800 M)

    We start our trek from Tarap towards the wide valley that narrows into a gorge. Walking along with the juniper bush and wild roses above the treeline, we reach the confluence of Tarap Chu and Lang Khola. Our camp will be set up in a beautiful meadow.

    Altitude 3800 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 21
    Trek From Tarap Khola To Khanigaon (3543 M)

    On our return, we will trek to Khanigaon which is led by the trail alongside the Barbung river. The trail mostly goes downhill and leads to the bridge which marks the entrance to the valley. From the Barbung river, we take a short hike to reach Khanigaon our stop for the night. 

    Altitude 3543 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 22
    Trek To Tarakot ( 2850 M)

    On this day, we trek to Tarakot via beautiful forests that house various kinds of wildlife. We pass through several villages which are rich in culture and traditions and their lifestyle is admirable. Finally, after trekking for about 4 hours we will reach Tarakot. 


    Altitude 2850 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Lodge/Teahouses
  • 23
    Trek To Juphal (2150m) 

    Trek to Juphal will be a bit longer as we will need to walk for about 8-9 hours on sloping hills and ridges. On the way, we will visit the Sandul Gompa, the monastery with ancient chhortens which are marvelous. Later, we will walk on a plain trail through terraced farmlands until we reach Juphal.

    Altitude 2150 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Lodge/Teahouses
  • 24
    Fly Back To Nepalgunj (150 M)

    After a night's stay at Juphal, we woke up early for a wonderful breakfast. Then we take a short scenic flight back to Nepalgunj. As we land at Nepalgunj, we can explore the city and try some delicious cuisine that the city is famous for. 

    Altitude 150 m
    Meals Breakfast
    Accommodation 3-5 Star Hotel
  • 25
    Fly Back To Kathmandu

    We will have a scrumptious breakfast at the hotel in Nepalgunj and head to the airport for the flight to Kathmandu. As we land in Kathmandu, you can go sightseeing with our experienced city tour guide and enjoy your time. In the evening we will all get together for a farewell dinner.

    Altitude 1400 m
    Meals Breakfast And Farewell Dinner
    Accommodation 3-5 Star Hotel
  • 26
    Final Departure 

    With gratitude and respect in our hearts, we will bid you farewell thanking you for the opportunity. One of our representatives will drop you off at the airport 3 hours prior to your scheduled departure.

    Altitude 1400 m
    Meals Breakfast
    Accommodation N/A

Want to customize your own trip?



  • Airport transfer costs (Pickup and Drop Off)
  • 3 nights accommodation in Kathmandu and 2 nights in Nepalgunj on a BB basis
  • Domestic Flight Kathmandu-Nepalgunj-Juphal-Nepalgunj-Kathmandu 
  • 3-time full course meal during the trek with 3 cups of Tea/Coffee
  • TIMS card
  • All permits for Dolpo Region
  • National Park Entry Permits
  • Salary and wages as well as medical insurance for all staff, guides, and porters
  • All Camping types of equipment


  • International Airfares
  • Nepal Entry Visa Fees
  • Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu
  • Extra baggage charge
  • Expenses incurred for extra night accommodation in case of Early arrival or delayed departure
  • Medical and travel insurance
  • Expenses of personal nature like Alcoholic beverages, Cold drinks, extra meals than BLD during the trek, shopping, personal gear, clothing, and other items purchased for personal use,
  • Tips for Climbing Sherpa, guides, porters, and staff
  • Heritage entry fees in Kathmandu
  • Anything not mentioned in the cost inclusions section


Trip Notes

Please do remember these things.


Climbers are advised to prepare and train their bodies and mind in a perfect way to adapt to the remoteness, high altitude, and distance from the families. It is also advised to carry lesser amounts of valuable belongings. Also, pack in some cotton clothes for your stay in Kathmandu while some warm ones for the Himalayas. Always keep a copy of your passport and photos with you. 


Trekking and mountain climbing in the Mountain Region are highly dependent on weather conditions. We try to schedule our trips at the most favorable time but in case of extreme scenarios, domestic flights to Nepalgunj and Juphal may be delayed or canceled. In cases as such, we would like to notify you that except for the total number of days in the itinerary section, expenses of other extra days shall be borne by the client himself/herself. However, 8K Expeditions will make necessary arrangements for the accommodation of porters and guides. If you wish to make alternative arrangements such as a helicopter flight to avoid flight delays, we can arrange it at a nominal extra charge. 


Also, 8K Expeditions shall not be liable for any compensation for losses due to missed International Flights but we will surely help to make necessary arrangements to minimize your loss. To avoid missing flights, we suggest keeping some flexible time frames before trip departure and after trip departure. 


Also be notified that as we will be traveling in remote areas with extreme climatic conditions and geography where trails can be distorted at times, we might need to adjust our itineraries as required.  But we assure you that the quality of service shall not be compromised at any cost.


Thank you for joining us on our Trek!


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