8K Expeditions Spring 2023 Everest & Lhotse Expedition Takes Place With A Holy Puja
Apr 27, 2023

8K Expeditions Spring 2023 Everest & Lhotse Expedition Takes Place With A Holy Puja

On April 26th, 2023, Wednesday We held a puja ceremony at the Everest Base Camp to worship the goddess Chomolungma  Mount Everest and seek her blessings for the safe passage of the Spring Everest Expedition with the entire Expedition members & all our 8K Guides & Staff.

The puja ceremony is an age-old tradition that has been followed by mountaineers for centuries, and it is believed to bring good luck and success to the expedition.

Chomolungma, also known as Mount Everest, Sagarmatha, is considered a sacred mountain in the Himalayan region, and the Sherpa people believe that the goddess resides on the mountain. The puja ceremony is performed to seek the goddess's permission for the climbers to ascend the mountain and ask for her blessings to ensure a safe and successful expedition.

The ceremony was conducted by the Sherpa priests, who prepared an elaborate altar with offerings of flowers, incense, and food. The climbers, along with the Sherpa guides, participated in the ceremony and offered their prayers to the goddess. The Sherpa priests chanted mantras and performed rituals, invoking the goddess's blessings and protection for the climbers.

The puja ceremony is an essential part of the Sherpa culture, and it symbolizes the unity of the climbers and the Sherpa community. It is a reminder of the risks and challenges involved in mountaineering and the need to respect the mountain and its inhabitants. The ceremony is also a way of paying tribute to the mountain and the Sherpa people who have lived in its shadow for centuries.
The solemn and spiritual event showcases the reverence and respect that mountaineers have for the mountain and its inhabitants and their belief in seeking the blessings of the goddess Chomolungma for a safe and successful expedition
We wish the whole entire Safe & Successful Everest Expedition 2023!