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Travel Insurance

What is Travel Insurance?


Travel Insurance is a wise decision and an effective way to secure the investment made on travel and trips in case of any unforeseeable events. It is an insurance policy that covers the losses (if any) that arise during your travel. Simply, it is a backup for your prepaid investment in case of contingencies.


What is the purpose of Travel Insurance?


The main purpose of Travel Insurance is to protect you from losses that may arise during your travel. The two major important purposes are:


  • To save your life through emergency medical evacuation and rescue
  • To minimize the financial loss that may arise due to trip cancellation, travel delays, missed flights, lost baggage, and many more. 


Why is Travel Insurance important especially when you are in the Himalayas?


Nothing is certain. Weather Forecasts may not always be accurate which may result in delays of flights, cancellation of trips, severe accidents, and even death. You may also face risks like loss of baggage, missed flights, emergency medical rescue from remote locations, and many more uncertain events that can cost you a huge sum of money. That's when travel and Medical Insurance come to the rescue. 


Especially in the Himalayas, altitude sickness, minor injuries are common, but in severe cases and extreme weather conditions, you may need emergency evacuation. Evacuation from the Himalayas is costly which is why all our travelers/ climbers are strictly advised to get insured for their travel. 


What should the Travel Insurance cover?


Travel Insurance is mandatory for those willing to step out into high altitude mountaineering. You must submit a copy of your insurance policy before actually departing for the trip you have booked. Here are some basic elements that your insurance policy must cover:


  • Travel Protection


Under this topic, the insurance covers all losses caused due to missed or delayed flights, cancellation of trips due to inevitable reasons, delayed arrival than the departure date


  • Emergency Medical Repatriation


The Himalayas are unpredictable. So are the risks that may arise. Altitude Sickness, Frostbite, Extreme Cold temperatures are some of the reasons that may cause travelers to have poor health. Unfortunately, rescue and evacuation from remote areas are costly and difficult. Your insurance policy must cover the costs of emergency rescue and medical expenses to protect you from huge rescue costs.


  • Medical Expenses


While Emergency Rescue will evacuate you from the danger, you will still have some expenses at the hospital. To cover your medical expenses, make sure you are insured for medical expenses. 


  • Baggage Lost Coverage


Sometimes due to human error, you may lose your bags causing you to miss the flights or delay them. In cases as such, your insurance policy must cover the losses that may arise.


  • Death 


In some unfortunate events, one may get into accidents, disasters causing them to lose their lives. In such cases, insurance policies can help support the bereaved family with some financial assistance. 


Travel and Medical Insurance Policy must include the following:


  1. Emergency Medical Repatriation
  2. Activities that you are undertaking (All adventurous activity that you have booked for you)
  3. Travel Dates
  4. Geographical Region (Country you are traveling to)
  5. Pre-medical history


We hope you have a wonderful and safe trip wherever you go. But a proper Insurance Policy will never disappoint you especially when you are traveling in remote locations.