Many Climbers From Team 8K Succeeded In Reaching The Actual Summit Of Mt. Manaslu (8163 Mtr.) Despite Numerous Obstacles!
Oct 03, 2022

Many Climbers From Team 8K Succeeded In Reaching The Actual Summit Of Mt. Manaslu (8163 Mtr.) Despite Numerous Obstacles!

This year climbing Manaslu has been quite challenging due to the bad weather and a number of catastrophes, however, this is what mountaineering & adventure is all about.   Despite not having 100% success this season, we still have a good success rate of summiteers with no human causality.
Summiteer List:
1. Dawa Ongju Sherpa -Nepal (14 Peaks Woman Too)
2. Pasdawa Sherpa - Nepal (14 Peaks Woman Too)
3. Kristin Harila - Norway (14 Peaks Woman Too)
4. Ekaterina Safronova - Russia (First twin sisters to summit Manaslu)
5. Mariia Oglobleva - Russia (First twin sisters to summit Manaslu)
6. Pemba Tasi Sherpa - Nepal 
7. Dawa Geljen Sherpa - Nepal 
8. Mihaita Vicentiu Matei - Romania
9. Anca Hortensia Racatean - Romania
10. Mingma Dorchi Sherpa - Nepal 
11. Pasang Tenje Sherpa - Nepal 
12. Alexandru Popaz Pauna- Canada (First Canadian climber to reach the true summit )
13. Pemlakpa Sherpa - Nepal 
14. Maria Luisa Ramirez Vargas- Mexico 
15. Phurba Chhiring Sherpa - Nepal 
16. Ang Chhiring Sherpa - Nepal 
17. Daniela Murinova- Slovakia 
18. Dawa Dorchi Sherpa - Nepal 
19. Diana Plotogea- Romania 
20. Ashok Lama - Nepal 
21. Guru Jenjen Bhote - Nepal 
22. Baljeet Kaur - India (First Indian female climber to summit Manaslu without O2)
23. Mingma Thendu Sherpa - Nepal 
24. Mohd Khafiz Bin Bachok- Malaysia 
25. Thillaimuthu - Malaysia (First Malaysian climber to summit Manaslu)
26. Ang Chotar Sherpa- Nepal 
27. Tenzing Chotar Sherpa - Nepal 
28. Iraj Maani Golestan- Iran 
29. Crishtal Catalina Rios Garcia- Chile 
30. Mahin Khalili - Iran 
31. Davood Chaghoo Saz Masjedi- Iran 
32. Javad Cheraghi - Iran (Summited without Oxygen)
33. Alireza Abednezhad - Iran 
34. Mohammad Amin Mohammadi- Iran (Summited without Oxygen)
35. Bayazid Nikbakht - Iran 
36. Pemba Ongchu Sherpa- Nepal 
37. Pemnurbu Sherpa - Nepal 
38. Mingma Thenduk Sherpa - Nepal 
39. Ali Mohtarami- Iran (Summited Without O2)
40. Behnam Bohluli- Iran 
41. Phura Tenzing Sherpa - Nepal 

We would like to congratulate those who reached the summit and thank all of our clients who have placed their trust in us and joined team 8K Expedition for their adventure. We hope that this expedition has resulted in many positive changes in ourselves and our life, allowing us to see life from a new perspective, something you have never experienced before, and providing you with an amazing story to share with your friends and family. Mountains are always there but the most important thing is to return home safely. 

Not to forget our hardworking Sherpa’s, Base camp Crew & members in Manaslu Base camp, rescue team, and our entire 8K Expedition operation team in Kathmandu for making this expedition a great success.
We will return in the autumn of 2023!!

We have Amadabalm/ Himlung/Mera/3 Peak  Expedition Running in October & November.