Massive Number Of Climbers From Team 8K Summited Mt. K2 (8,611m)-  2nd Highest Peak In The World.
Jul 27, 2023

Massive Number Of Climbers From Team 8K Summited Mt. K2 (8,611m)- 2nd Highest Peak In The World.

Our  team  8K summited Mt. K2 (8,611 m) on  July 27, 2023 despite of difficulty   and extreme weather conditions in just one day of weather window.

Climbing Mt. K2 is an extraordinary undertaking, and the determination and perseverance of your team are evident. The dedication to continue despite the adverse conditions and the desire to reach the summit within the limited window speaks volumes about the team's spirit and passion for mountaineering.

Indeed, reaching the summit of Mt. K2 is a historic achievement, and it holds great significance in the mountaineering world. Mt. K2, also known as the "Savage Mountain," is renowned for its treacherous conditions and technical challenges, making it one of the most difficult mountains to conquer.

Teamwork, efficient management, and unwavering dedication are crucial components in successfully reaching the summit of such a formidable mountain. It shows the strength of character, determination, and perseverance of the entire team to overcome obstacles and achieve their goal.

Summit date: July 27, 2023.

Here is the list of summiteers !!! Huge congratulations to all.

  1. Ms. Magdalena Arcimowicz ??
  2. Ms. Lhakpa Sherpa ??
  3. Mr. Adel Taibi ??
  4. Ms. Purnima Shrestha ??
  5. Mr. Lakpa Ongjuk Sherpa ??
  6. Mr. Pasang Sherpa ??
  7. Mr. Mohd Khafiz Bin Bachok ??
  8. Mr. Pemba Ongchhu Sherpa ??
  9. Mr. Pas Tenji Sherpa ??
  10. Mr. Mingma Dorchi Sherpa ??
  11. Mr. Nima Ungdi Sherpa ??
  12. Mr. Pechhumbe Sherpa ??
  13. Ms. Zeng Xiaoyun ??
  14. Mr. Song Yujiang ??
  15. Mr. Pem Lakpa Sherpa ??
  16. Mr. Lakpa Gelu Sherpa ??

8K & 8000 Club Team summiteer list

  1. Mr. Pema Chhiring Sherpa ??
  2. Halung Dorchi Sherpa
  3. Ang Temba Sherpa ??
  4. Tashi Sherpa 
  5. PemNurbu Sherpa 
  6. Dawa Dorchi Sherpa ?? (Summited  date : 28th July 2023) 
  7. Karma Sherpa ??(summited date : 28th July 2023)
  8. Ming Dukpa Sherpa ??(summited date : 28th July 2023 )
  9. Dawa Nuppu Sherpa ??(summited date : 28th July 2023) 
  10. Renjin Sherpa ?? ( summited date ; 28th July 2023) 

News Source: Lakpa Sherpa-Expeditions Manager

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1. 8K Expeditions, Nepal

2. Summit Karakoram, Pakistan

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