Mr. Lakpa Sherpa
Mr. Lakpa Sherpa

Lakpa Sherpa, a professional mountaineer, profound rescuer, charismatic entrepreneur, social activist, and a Mountaineering Liaison Officer. Who has spent more than 13 years mapping the Himalayas. Lakpa, as an exceptional trekking and mountaineering guide has led hundreds of climbers to the summit of the world’s highest peaks, mostly Mt. Everest and Mt. K2.


Well trained with mountaineering and First-Aid skills, Lakpa has also led numerous Search and Rescue operations successfully. Notable is the one from the spring of 2016, being the highest possible rescue at an altitude of 8600 meters.


Recognized as one of the safest hands in the mountains, Lakpa prioritizes safety and quality services over anything else in all our tours. 

Lakpa leads from the front not behind. His mindset and dedication lead the group always successful.


His list of summits includes the 7 climbs to Mt. Everest and 5 climbs to Mt. K2. He recently led an expedition to Mt K2 in the summer of 2021. He has leaded more than 50 numbers of expedition in front. Now, he is one of the most searching climbing leaders in Nepalese Himalaya.

He is also a proud holder of numerous appreciations and awards for his contribution in Mountaineering as well as social sectors. 


His kind and friendly nature, effective communication skills, and openness to any queries make him an amazing person to travel with. He not only knows the cores of mountaineering but is equally equipped with entrepreneurial and managerial skills. He is a thoughtful planner and a proactive team member. Moreover, he is an avid explorer who wants to introduce new changes in the Tourism industry by uniting with other board members of 8K. 


As a director of Eight K Expeditions, Lakpa wants to contribute to the educational and medical sector of the remote areas of Nepal. His motto is to bring transformational changes to climbing, climbers, and the locals through the activities of Eight K Expeditions.


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