Mr. Pemba Sherpa
Mr. Pemba Sherpa

Mr. Pemba Sherpa


Born in the beautiful valley of the Makalu region, Pemba Sherpa is a passionate adventure lover who has dedicated almost 10 years of his career to the Tourism Industry. Pemba has been a part of numerous expeditions and treks supporting them with the expertise of his management skills. 


Pemba’s strength is the interpersonal skills that make him an excellent communicator. He is proficient in multiple languages which is why he has been loved by clients from around the world. He even holds the experience of teaching at a reputed educational institution in Kathmandu. 


Besides, he worked as a General Manager at a reputed Trekking agency in Nepal and has the expertise in planning, organizing, and supervising every step involved in all trips organized by the company. He is a keen observer and perfectionist and does not compromise in even the minutest component when it comes to travelers' safety and the service they receive. 


As a director of Eight K Expeditions, Pemba believes in transforming the existing practices in tourism as such that it benefits the travelers', the Government, the locals, and the Company as well.

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