#Brement14peaskswomantoo Phase III Manaslu (8163m) Successfully Climbed (12/14 Peaks Completed)
Sep 22, 2022

#Brement14peaskswomantoo Phase III Manaslu (8163m) Successfully Climbed (12/14 Peaks Completed)

Update on the Manaslu Summit: News!

#Brement14peaskswomantoo Phase III 12/14 Peaks completed??

Our #Bremont14peakswomantoo team successfully summited Manaslu (8163m), widely known as "the Mountain of Spirit," today, September 22, 2022, at 2:36p.m being the first team to summit Manaslu this Autumn Season 2022. 

Bremont14Peaks & our 8K Expeditions guides had to reopen the routes to the main summit as a result of the recent poor weather and heavy snowfall for the past two weeks. From Camp III, nearly 90% of the climbers descended back to Base Camp, but Kristin Harila & our Sherpas worked tirelessly all night long yesterday to open the trails, permitting climbers to achieve the summit which will make it much faster for the rest of the climbers to reach the top in the following days.
8K Expeditions is committed to working graciously in the coming days to improve the route opening.
We would like to congratulate each individual and express our gratitude to our Sherpas & Bremont 14Peaks Team for making the seemingly impossible possible to the world's eighth highest mountain Manaslu.

Name List of international Team:
1. Kristin Harila (Norway) @kristin.harila 

Name List of Sherpa:
1. Dawa Ongju Sherpa @dawaongjusherpa 
2. Pasdawa Sherpa @pasdawa_mountaineer 

Since the government has yet to provide any updates regarding the permission to completion of the project #Bremont14PeaksWoman, we are still hoping and praying that Kristin and the team will be granted permission to climb Shixapangma in China.

  1. Manaslu 22 September 
  2. Gasherbrum I 11 August
  3. Gasherbrum II 8 August
  4. Broad Peak 28 July
  5. K2 22 July
  6. Nanga Parbat 1 July
  7. Makalu 27 May
  8. Lhotse 22 May
  9. Mt. Everest 22 May
  10. Kanchenjunga 14 May 
  11. Dhaulagiri I 8 May
  12. Annapurna I 28 April

#Brement14peaks #14Peakswomantoo Phase III Next Peak  Mt. Cho Oyu 

Stay tuned for more updates!! 

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