Kristin Harila Summits K2 8/14 Complete
Jul 22, 2022

Kristin Harila Summits K2 8/14 Complete

 Kristin Harila who is on a mission to complete 14 peaks Women Too project with 8K Expeditions sets a new world record by becoming the world's fastest female climber to complete Eight 8000 mountains in such a short duration.

On 22nd July 2022 around 2:30 A.M Pakistan local time successfully summits the top of K2 the world's 2nd highest mountain (8611M) with our best Lead mountain guide Mr.Dawa Ongju Sherpa.

For the next climb, she will be heading for Broad Peak which is almost 8km away from K2.

A huge congratulations to the whole entire team and we would like to wish her more success in her upcoming next Peak climbing.

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