Trip Overview

The Karakoram Region is one of the most extreme mountaineering regions in the world with four eight-thousanders out of fourteen. Gasherbrum II is the thirteenth-highest peak in the world which magnificently lies on the border between Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan and Xinjiang of China administered by Pakistan. The 8,035m elevated peak is worldly renowned as the second highest peak in the Gasherbrum group after Gasherbrum I and “K4” named by the British surveyor, Thomas George Montgomerie in 1856 while he was partaking in The Great Trigonometric Survey in India. On the other hand, the Balti people beg to differ; the mountain has its own ancient name with a remarkable meaning formed with two different words: “rgasha” meaning beautiful, and “brum” meaning mountain. 



A group of an international expedition led by Swiss, Guinter Oskar Dyhrenfurth was one of the firsts to explore the Gasherbrum Massif in 1934 but failed to reach the summits of both Gasherbrum I and Gasherbrum II. However, the peak was firstly summited by a courageous group of Austrians, Fritz Moravec, Josef Larch, and Hans Willenpart on July 7, 1956. Despite an avalanche during their climb which led to a scarcity of their food supplies, they were able to ascend and experience the summit of Gasherbrum II successfully. Moreover, this exquisite mountain has been successfully climbed in winter as well. A team of Cory Richards, Urubuko, and Simone Moro were the first to experience the summit in winter despite an enormous avalanche without the aid of porters and supplementary oxygen.



Propitiously, the mountain is considered one of the easiest eight-thousanders to ascend. Gasherbrum II could be the right peak for mountain enthusiasts who are initiating a mountaineering career. More than 930 successful ascents with 21 deaths have been recorded so far resulting 2% fatality rate. Over the past years, the mountain has been skied, parachuted, and snowboarded from the summit as it offers a great level of safety and convenience to the climbers. On the same page, this expedition on an eight-thousander is undoubtedly a lifetime experience that gifts some marvelous views of Baltoro Glacier, Muztagh Tower, Masherbrum, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum IV, and the impregnable K2. However, one requires an excellent level of psychological potency and physicality to stand glorious on its summit.



The best season to climb Broad Gasherbrum II:

The most favorable season to climb is summer. Most of the ascents have been accomplished in July and August as they are the warmest months of the year. The expedition to the summit of Gasherbrum II   is more gratifying in these months than in winter.

Trip Itinerary

  • 1
    Arrival At Islamabad Airport And Transfer To Hotel In Blue Area

    Before your arrival at the airport, you must complete all the required procedures for your visa. You will be welcomed by one of our envoys as soon as you arrive at the airport.  After a brief meeting, you will be escorted to the hotel booked for your convenience and relaxation. You can also stroll around The Pakistan Monument, Lok Virsa Museum, Faisal Mosque, and many more cultural places in Islamabad.

    Altitude 508 m
    Meals N/A
    Accommodation 4-star Hotel
  • 2
    Expedition Preparation And Spare Day

    On the second day, we will carry out our official procedure which includes: travel permit, documentation, necessary formalities, bag pack, shopping and finalize every requirement for our journey. Moreover, every aspect of the trek will be clarified as an important part of the briefing and you will also feel opportune to introduce yourself to your fellow trekkers.

    Altitude 508 m
    Meals Breakfast
    Accommodation 4-star Hotel
  • 3-4
    Fly From Islamabad To Skardu (2228m) And Expedition And Preparation Day

    After a palatable breakfast at the earliest hour in the morning, we will fly to Skardu, a magnificent city located in Gilgit-Baltistan which is elevated at 2228m from sea level. You will be able to freshen up after an hour of a convenient flight and stroll around the city’s exhilarating places. On the next day, our guides will explain the entire expedition and make you prepare for the following days.

    Altitude 2228 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation 2-star Hotel
  • 5
     Drive To Askole (2800m) – Camping Starts

    After a cozy stay in Skardu, we will drive to Askole on the fifth day. Askole is a small town of Shigar valley which is slightly remote. It is considered as the last station before one invades into the wild regions of the Karakoram.  The drive will be thrilling and perhaps a bit bumpy from Skardu to Askole as it usually takes approximately seven hours by jeep covering a total distance of 128 kilometers. As soon as we reach our destination, we will settle in and prepare for our camping.

    Altitude 2800 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 6
    Trek To Jhola (3185m)

    Following our night in Askole, we will have already started to behold the beauty of the Karakoram region.  Next morning after breakfast, we will start our trek from Askole (2800m) to Jhola(3185m) to avoid the heat crossing the Baifo Glacier. You will experience a relaxing hike to JJhola ascending 385m of altitude. As soon as we reach Jhola, we will prepare for our night.

    Altitude 3185 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 7
    Trek To Paiyu (3383m)

    As per our travel schedule, we will be marching on to the pinnacles of Paiyu on the seven days. We will gain a total altitude of 3383m after reaching Paiyu as it will be our campsite for the next two days. Despite various rumors about this incredible place, the region is placid with proper camps.

    Altitude 3383 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 8
    Rest Day At Paiyu

    After a continuous trek for two days, we will halt in Paiyu as a one-day break. Paiyu falls in the Karakoram Region where we will be opportune to see a golden sunrise falling in the glorious peak of Paiyu experiencing nature’s generosity. We will relax for the entire day and get ready for Urdukas as our next stop.

    Altitude 3383 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 9
    Trek To Urdukas (4130m)

    After a relaxant break in Paiyu, our journey will start getting tougher as we head to Urdukas (4130m). It will be a challenging day undertaking the rocky moraines of the Baltoro Glacier. However, the breathtaking sights of Paiyu Peak and Trango will truly astonish you. We will ascend around 750m from Paiyu completing a long walk but most intense mountain views and Broad Peak will be in our sight wiping the exhaustion. As soon as we reach Urdukas, we will camp and compose for Goro.

    Altitude 4130 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 10
    Trek To Gora II (4250m)

    Passing an exhausting walk to Urdukas, we will trek to Gora II on the tenth day of our expedition. Somehow, it will be an alleviating day as we will only ascend 120m from Urdukas (4250m to Gora (4250m). You will be mesmerized after reaching the heart of Concordia full of ice smothered by the exotic views of spectacular Masherbrum, Muztagh Tower, and Gasherbrum IV. If we are fortunate enough with a clear evening, we will be bestowed with magnificent dawn and the red hue over Masherbrum.

    Altitude 4250 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 11
    Trek To Concordia (4550m)    

    On the eleventh day, we will trek to Concordia which is known to be the most enchanting campsite in the entire Karakoram region with a 360 panorama sight of some exquisite mountains: Masherbrum, Gasherbrum, K2, Chogolisa, and Broad Peak itself. After savoring some remarkable sights, we will camp at Concordia for the night.

    Altitude 4550 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 12
    Trek To Gasherbrum II Base Camp (5,000m)

    After beholding some glorious sights from Concordia, we will resume our trek to Gasherbrum Base Camp, the only site from where you can experience the sight of Gasherbrum. As soon as we complete our six-hour hike, we will finally reach the base camp rest for the night.

    Altitude 5000 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 13
    Preparation For The Summit Ascent

    Following our schedule, we will complete our final preparation to attempt the summit as our Sherpas will rehearse glacial travel and climbing technique. In the meanwhile, we may remember the courageously departed souls who lost their lives on the way to the summit.

    Altitude 5000 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 14-42
    Climbing Period Base Camp (5,000m) – The Summit (8,035m) – Base Camp

    After our final preparation for our attempt at the summit, we will initiate our steps to Camp 1. Our route will follow high camps 1, 2, and 3 making at least one rotation climb before our attempt to the summit. Our team will speculate the weather for the ascent to the summit. Most probably, we will reach the summit on the predicted day if everything goes as per the schedule.


    As soon as we exalt the summit (8, 035m), we will start our preparation for descending back to the high camps and the base camp evaluating the weather. We will rest at the base camp for a day and prepare to trek down to lower elevation.

    Altitude 8035 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Full Board Camp Service
  • 43-46
    Trek Down To Gora II - Khuburtze – Mundung – Askole

    After resting at the base camp for a night, we will continue to descend from the base camp to Gora on the forty-day. We will follow our descending route until we return back to Askole, a small town in Shigar valley.

    Altitude 2800 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation Camping
  • 47
    Drive To Skardu From Askole       

    Following our travel schedule, we will drive back to Skardu and rest after a seven-hour drive from Askole. We will freshen up and get ready for the flight to Islamabad.

    Altitude 2228 m
    Meals BLD
    Accommodation 2-star Hotel
  • 48
    Fly Back To Islamabad

    From Skardu, we will fly back to Islamabad and enjoy the aerial view of the capital city for an hour.

    Altitude 508 m
    Meals Breakfast
    Accommodation 4-star Hotel
  • 49
     Spare Day In Islamabad

    After the completion of a long expedition, you can relax in Islamabad strolling around The Pakistan Monument, Lok Virsa Museum, Faisal Mosque, Mragalla Hills, Daman-e-Koh, and many more cultural places of this great city.

    Altitude 508 m
    Meals Breakfast And Farewell Dinner
    Accommodation 4-star Hotel
  • 50
    Fly Back To Home

    Our journey to the summit of Gasherbrum II concludes on this day.  We will cordially implore farewell with countless memories. One of our representatives will escort you to Islamabad Airport a few hours earlier to your scheduled flight.

    Altitude 508 m
    Meals Breakfast
    Accommodation N/A
Gasherbrum II Expedition (8,035 M) | 13th Highest Mountain In The World |

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  • Arrival and Departure at Islamabad Airport (pick up and drop off)
  • Four nights hotel stay in Islamabad with Bed & Breakfast basis at a four-star hotel and a four-night hotel stay in Skardu in a two-star normal category hotel with BB Plan.
  • Expedition royalty and a permit from the Pakistan government to climb Gasherbrum II including the member, climbing Sherpa, and working crew
  • The cost for liaison officer with his/her salary, equipment, transport and accommodation is included
  • The cost includes garbage management fees
  • Medical & emergency rescue insurance for all involved staff during the expedition.
  • Domestic flight from Islamabad to Skardu and Skardu to Islamabad after the expedition. However, irregular cancellation of the flight to Skardu will be substituted with a drive to Skardu via Chellas.  Jeep drive from Skardu to Askole and Askole to Skardu. 
  • All the necessary expedition equipment transpiration will be transported via air from Kathmandu to Islamabad and Islamabad to Skardu by truck. Skardu to Askole and Askole to Skardu by Jeep. Askole to Base camp and base camp to Askole by the porter.
  • Up to 75 Kgs personal luggage will be permitted
  • Food during the trek and during the full period of the expedition. Well-managed camp set during the trek, at base camp, and to the higher camps.
  • All necessary camping equipment.
  • Necessary porters to the loads.
  • Needed base camp staff along with chef and kitchen boys.
  • All the associated staff's salary, accommodation, meal, and other services will be included
  • Each member of the expedition will be facilitated with a personal tent during the trek and at base camp and sharing tent to the higher camps. The tent will be of the Kailash brand. All other required base camp equipment along with heater, generator, solar panel, electric charging devices, dining, communication, shower, and toilet tents.
  • Important rope fixing gear and its charges to be paid to the fixing team.
  • One high-altitude Climbing Sherpa will be hired as he will be a Gasherbrum II Summiteer. He will be paid a good salary and allowance along with his transportation.
  • 03 bottles of Summit Oxygen (4ltrs) for each member and 02 bottles for climbing Sherpa with including a mask and a regulator set will be facilitated.
  • All the required high camp services with high foods and tents.
  • Thuraya IP Satellite internet will be accessible at base camp but subject to pay an extra sharing with other members. A satellite phone will be used for an emergency call.
  • Walkie Talkie set to each member will be given for exchanging information to the base camp and to the higher camps.
  • Team members will be updated about the weather forecast each day with the help of Swiss Weather Meteorology.
  • Comprehensive medical kit.


  • International airfare of the member
  • Pakistan entry visa fees 
  • Lunch and dinner during stay in Islamabad and Skardu 
  • Extra nights hotel stays in Islamabad and Skardu
  • Emergency evacuation insurance and medical cover insurance of the member 
  • Personal Climbing gears 
  • Sherpa Summit Bonus: USD $1500 bonus for each climbing Sherpa and calculate some tips for Cooking staff and porter 
  • and any other items not incuded in incusion section.


FROM 16 Jun 2024
TO 05 Aug 2024

Trip Notes

Please do remember these things.


Trekking in the Karakoram Region is always challenging because of its unpredictable weather. We effort our best to schedule our trips in the most appropriate seasons. The above-mentioned itinerary may change as per the trip’s complexities but we guarantee you that the quality of service shall not be compromised at all. In case of delayed or canceled flights, we must inform you that besides the total number of days included in the itinerary, clients shall be obliged to bear the expenses of the extra days themselves. Somehow, 8K Expeditions will undoubtedly facilitate necessary arrangements for your convenience at a reasonable extra charge.


Furthermore, we shall not be responsible for missed International Flights or your luggage before our reception. However, we would be delighted to minimize your loss. We advise scheduling flexible time frames before and after trip departure.


Climbers are suggested not to carry extravagant materials for their own comfort. They are advised to compose their mental and physical health which will be significantly required to resist remoteness, higher altitude, extreme weather, and diversion from their beloved families.



Cost of Expedition


Expedition costs vary depending on factors including: group size, royalty and permit costs in different seasons, category of hotel accommodation, numbers of Sherpa’s allocated and equipment, type of arrangement and package customization. So, we would like to discuss with our client before offering the cost. Please feel free to contact 8K Expedition for any information about in your selected package.



We are wholeheartedly thankful to you for joining us!


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